Berlin Wannsee


Berlin Wannsee Airshow 1989 DVD.

After World War II the Wannsee was used by many amphibious aircraft to deliver food for the isolated people in West Berlin. To celebrate this event many amphibious aircraft came to this lake in 1998 to give a magnificant display.



Berlin Wannsee airshow, August 21-23, 1998

On this video you will be a passenger on board of a Grumman Albatross and fly from Berlin’s Tempelhof airport to the Wannsee. There you can see many famous aircraft landing and taking off from the water. Types like small Lake Buccaneer’s, Cessna’s up to the mighty Beriev 12.




This aircraft gave a wonderfull display with many take off’s and landings in front of the public. Including several droppings of it’s huge load of water.

beriev 12

The Beriev 12 during her magnificent display over the Wannsee.