Douglas DC-3 Volume 1


Join us on board of many DC-3’s. See the DC-3 and C-47 in action worldwide. Relax and listen to the sound of the radial engines.

Mora flores

You can see the DC-3 Dakota in Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Europe and the USA.

A tribute to the finest propliner ever build. Never seen before, so many DC-3’s on two 1 hour videos!

Aliansa, Air Colombia, Sadelca, Buffalo, Four Star, Florida Air Cargo, ERA, Rutaca, Aerejecutivos, Servivensa. Just a few names of the airlines you can see on these two magnificent tapes. Digital editions of high quality.



The aircraft on Volume 1

HK-2820 Aliansa Colombia, HK-3037 Aliansa Colombia (Flight to Mira Flores), HK-3293 Air Colombia, HK-2463 Aerovanguardia, HK-3349 Viarco, HK-3286 Sadelca, HK 1514 Sadelca, HK-2494 Sadelca, C-FLFR Buffalo Airways, C-GWIR Buffalo Airways ( Flight to Hay River), N15MA Florida Aircargo, N123DZ Florida Aircargo, N54AA Allied Air Freight .