Douglas DC-4 / C-54


Many DC-4s in action. `Roger Brooks C-54 N44911, Bufallo Airways, South African Historic Flight, Dutch Dakota Association arrival of ZS-NUR and ZS-IPR at Amsterdam Airport.

Douglas DC-4

In the cockpit flying over Berlin, Alaska and The Netherlands. Lots of new footage not available anywhere else. Digital edition of high quality.



In February 1936, Douglas began the design of a large four-engine commercial transport that would be capable of carrying twice as many passengers as the DC-3 over distances of 2200 miles.

The result: The Douglas DC-4 / C-54 Skymaster.


On February 14, 1942, the first DC-4, designated a C-54 Skymaster for the military, took flight and started the age of the four-engine transports. The production line closed in 1947, but many of the military variants found use in civil service.

Douglas DC-4

A total of 1.245 were produced.