From Trevor Morson. So what makes APVW Aviation Video releases any different from all the others?

I had the opportunity to review Villavicenco 2 and I sat watching in TOTAL amazement at some of the video footage caught on tape. Either the film producer is always ‘lucky’, or an enormous amount of research and time is spent for each video. I believe it is the latter. What a refreshing change of aviation filming we have here, and.. it’s about time!! Aviation enthusiasts filming for aviation enthusiasts. That is the mix we have always craved for.

This is Colombia after all, it is not an easy place to be waltzing about with a video camera and photo camera. As you can see from the footage, these places are lined with guerillas, all carrying huge rifles and machine guns. The video’s do not have any commentary, rather, it is filmed in a way as though you were there yourself and every piece of footage contains the original sounds and captured real time. I saw for the first time in my life, a DC-3 landing on one engine. It proceeded to taxi in, followed by fire trucks. I saw another stop its engines before the taxi roll was completed. I saw Colombian pilots literally throw these aircraft around in the skies. Performing low fly-bys at will, with cargo and passengers on board. You do get to see a lot of rare aircraft, like the only flying Caravelle in the world at that moment at Villavicenco. A Catalina Flying Boat, obviously derelict, and yet Colombians getting inside and starting the engines. A C-46 or a DC-3 getting an engine change was also a rare treat.

Colombian propliner aviation really is a throw back to the 1940’s as you will see cargo being loaded by horse and carriage, or people getting from one place to another sitting on the floor of the aircraft. The pilots refueling there own aircraft or watch the aircraft taxi, with it’s doors and stairs still down. Women carrying huge crates into the cargo hold of the aircraft. Quite amazing indeed. We even get treated to footage of the passenger terminal.

The word ‘rare footage’ really does apply to APVW videos. The Author Alex Waning, even gets some right seat time in a DC-3. And the cockpit, as well as flying techniques are all recorded. You are treated to a DC-3 landing and taking off from a clay landing strip, lined with dangerous water filled pot holes.

ATC is used as though it was through an old CB and, in there own language, and without the pilots wearing headphones. No aviation standards seem to be used that we are generally accustomed to. For that reason, you don’t even have to be an aviation enthusiast to enjoy and watch these at all! APVW video’s are certainly a treat and definitely fit into the ‘unusual aviation’ category. I swear you will end up collecting all these APVW titles. It will leave you wondering why you didn’t know this style of aviation existed today. It really is an eye opener for sure. Come to think about it, I may even start using my flightsim in the Colombia area and start having tremendous fun, just making up aviation rules for myself.

Are APVW Video’s worth purchasing? … you bet they are, I am about to order a few others via and start a collection. These can be viewed, not just alone, but by inviting friends and neighbors in and saying.. “hey.. take a look at this, you wont believe it!

If Tom Gibson (Of ‘Classic Airliner’ fame) happens to be reading this review, my message to him… “You gotta see this stuff!!”

In closing, If APVW video collection needs to be reviewed again.. I hope I am considered to be the one to do it, Bring them on please!!



Just to let you know that the package in fact arrived safely on last Friday, but I did not get time to open until tonight!

So thanks for getting that all sent so quickly.

I like the photo enclosures in some video cases; a smart touch!

I now look forward to using the dark nights to watch your footage, some of which is of areas that I know, but others are places that I hope one day to visit.

Thanks for making such interesting material available; I will keep a look out for any future releases.



Dear Alex,

I just wanted to say that I own all of your APVW videos and love them all. I am in the US and have a PAL converter VCR so I can watch PAL tapes. Thanks again for putting some real home videos out. It is a nice break from the production mania. The Alaskan and Villavicencio tapes are incredible. I do collect slides of propliners and I am lacking in the Colombia department. Do you have any spares to sell. I am looking for a slide or print of HK-851-P, the Coronado Aerolineas C-46 on the Villavicencio Part 1 tape.

I must say the AN-22 video is a blast. That must of been something watching that come into that little airfield.

Take care.

Marc Hookerman

I was really excited when I happened to discover you on the internet today. I have acquired a nice handful of propliner videotapes, but didn’t think there were any more out there. Keep me posted if you get more titles available! I’ll definitely check your web site on a regular basis from now on! I’d sure like to buy some more of those if you get them in the U.S. format!

Thanks. Mark E Moyer

Hello, I just received my order of propliner videos and watched the first one, Colombia — Villavicencio 1 last night. It’s AWESOME! I love the footage! I just loved the closeups of all the DC-3 takeoffs and my favorite of all was that DC-6 takeoff with the videographer leaning out the window by the bad-running engine — what incredible bravery those flight crews show to take off in planes in that kind of condition from those isolated areas!

Anyway, I hope you make more of your propliner titles available in U.S. NTSC format — I’ll keep checking on your web site!

Thanks again and keep up the great work! — Mark @

Dear Alex,

As the purchaser of 5 of your videos I have to tell you that I have not tired of watching them yet! In fact, I own 75 aviation videos from various companies, and yours are my favorites! Whenever I’m in the mood to watch an aviation video, yours are the ones I reach for first. Thank you for some FANTASTIC videos!

Dave McElroy, U.S.A.

Alex, I have about 5000 hours in USAF C-118s (DC-6s) and about 1000 in C-54s (DC-4s) and this tape beat anything I ever saw or heard. You had a lot of nerve to fly on that machine. The crew appeared to be virtually undisciplined in flying it. Also, the problems with #1 engine and the no-flap takeoff were unbelievable. WOW! I enjoy the tape very much. I also enjoy the #1 Alaska tape. Are there more DC-6s on the other “Props Only” tapes? Larry

Larry S. Fritts Modern Technologies Corp (MTC) ASC/YPVR, DSN 986-6135

Hello Alex, Received Berlin/Wansee CD. Thank you very much! The CD was certainly worth waiting for, have already watched it quite a few times. You don’t often get to see the author of a CD, but when you climbed aboard the Grumman, a man called your name and handed you your camera. It was a pleasure meeting you even if it wasn’t in person.

It was a thrill for me to see Tempelhof from the ramp – it still looks the same. The film of the Gruman taxiing out to Rwy 27 and then taking off brought back fond memories – it sent chills up my spine. I lived and worked there for 3 years (1951/1954), as an A/C mechanic and flying crew chief in the USAF. It’s was a sight for these old eyes!

You did a great job, thanks again. Jim Marion

Hallo Alex

Die CD`s sind heute angekommen. Glückwunsch das Antonov Video ist durch die totale Überarbeitung und den Zusatz der UR-09307 sehr gut gelungen, obwohl die erste Version schon Gut war. Auch das zweite Video “Soviet Aviation in Germany” ist Klasse! Wobei ich sagen muß,daß zu DDR-Zeiten solche super Aufnahmen bei unseren “Waffenbrüdern” mit Sicherheit nicht mölglich gewesen wären, denn als wir 1980 im Rahmen des Grundwehrdienstes der NVA nach Kasachstan zum Gefechtsschießen gefahren sind war es mit der so genannten “Waffenbrüderschaft” so eine fragliche Sache in einigen Punkten. Aber trotzdem bin ich der Ansicht das solches Filmmaterial erhaltenswert ist, insbesondere da gerade bei der UR-64460 es Dir gelungen ist die Maschine bei einem der letzen regulären Einsätze vor der Stilllegung festzuhalten und da man auch nicht sagen kann wie lange die UR-09307 noch eingesetzt wird. Deswegen wünsche ich Dir weiterhin viel Glück und mach weiter so!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Dear Alex

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that I recieved the MPEG CD, and the DVD yesterday, they are both excellent keep up the good work!!

Jonathan G England

I purchased my first aviation book in 1984, “Sky Truck” by the late Stephen Piercy, and have been a propliner enthusiast ever since. As a long time Pratt & Whitney employee, its a rare treat to experience continued R-1830 & R-2800 radial engine operations far beyond most reasonable expectations of a product life cycle! A tribute to the crews who put their faith in God, P&W & Wright to keep them around to fly another day. Truly superb work by the camera team and a must have for any piston airtransport buff.

Great work APVW and keep them coming! Jeff Minor

Thanks,Alex. I really enjoyed your video. I have seen many airshow videos but yours is the best because of the excellent photography, the raw sound of the aircrafts, the clear image and sitting down infront of my LCD TV screen,I felt that I could really touch the aircrafts. Since my hobby is also taking airshow videos,I know the value of what you have done! Best Regards, Ahmad

DVD arrived today, it seems GREAT !
Thanks again and best regards from France.