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APVW, Aviation Video and Photography Waning, is becoming one of the leading Aviation Video film producers of The Netherlands. We offer a wide range of aviation video films from aircraft all over the world.

Specials like our most successful propliner series showing propeller powered aircraft ranging from small private planes to the mighty Antonov 22. Videos with rare footage of Russian military aircraft in Eastern Germany and videos from visits to airshows.

You will discover that all our APVW films are filmed from places that require special permission to enter. Thats why you don’t see disturbing people walking around the planes and huge fences. The airshow videos are filmed during the days when no public was allowed to the airfield or from the flightline during the show. If you want to be informed about new releases, check our news page, or just drop a mail.

APVW Aviation Photography Video Waning
Camera used in most APVW DVDs

Colombia is today the one and only country to see a huge amount of propliners operating between modern aeroplanes. For that reason my greatest interest goes out to this wonderful country and on the APVW website you can find inetersting footage of Colombian aviation.

Also we have a huge collection of aircraft photographs, dating back to the late 60’s.

Best regards and many happy landings, Alex Waning.