The Author

Alex Waning began taking photographs of aircraft in 1969 at the Air Show of the Netherlands Airforce, Soesterberg Air Force Base. Those days the Delta Dagger was still active. Since that time the ” aviation photography virus ” has infected Alex.

schoolfoto The way it really started in the 60’s! Flying Enterprises OY-DMS. Schooltrip to Schiphol Amsterdam.

To feed his passion for aviation, Alex began visiting airfields all over Holland by bicycle. Later, as an employee of KLM, he was able to trade his Dutch-bike for his favorite mode of transportation and flew all over the world seeking out airplanes of the world.

Alex worked for the ATC division of the Dutch Air Force from 1974 to 1980 and was afforded the opportunity to fly in a number of different military and civil aircraft. Types like the Lockheed Neptune, C-47, C-54, C-118, C-131, Albatross, Twin Pioneer, Antonov 2 and C-130 Hercules are on his list and more to come. If you are interested, klick on this banner:

Opa Locka APVWAlex Waning filming at opa locka.

Alex began documenting the aircraft he sought out on his adventures around the world by making video films. To his astonishment, many airplane enthusiasts began requesting copies of his films. Today, the result is that Alex has compiled a comprehensive library of video films (and photographs) featuring a diverse and interesting array of airplanes.

To all fellow aircraft enthusiasts out there!

I love to share my passion with others and welcome your questions. Please feel free to send an e-mail to APVW; I will be delighted to share the insight and experiences I have acquired through years of airplane watching!


As ” navigator ” on board an Ilyushin 76 of the Ukranian Air Force.