The Douglas DC-3 Volume 1.





On volume 1 of the digitaly edited DC-3 DVD’s you can see many of them in action and in flight. Filmed in Colombia, Canada and the USA.

See take-offs, landings, taxiing, engine start-ups, cockpit views, passenger and cargo operations and even a landing on one engine.

One hour stunning footage, stereo sound without narration, of the best plane ever build.





In this volume you will see the following aircraft in action:

HK-2820 Aliansa.       HK-3037 Aliansa including flight to Mira Flores.

HK-3293 Air Colombia.     HK-2463 Aerovanguardia

HK-3349 Viarco.     HK-3286 Sadelca

HK-1514 Sadelca.     HK-2494 Sadelca

C-FLFR Buffalo.     C-GWIR Buffalo (Flight to Hay River)

N15MA Florida Air Cargo.     N123DZ Florida Air Cargo

N54AA Allied Air freight